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Aeropower Pty Ltd is an Australian airborne electrical contractor, Quality Management System AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 Certified, commencing operations in 1991 and dedicated to serving the electrical industry in airborne maintenance.


Aeropower specializes in a full range of electrical power industry services including patrol, inspection, construction, stringing, washing, performing live-line or de-energised maintenance repairs, and providing technical analysis and reporting on the condition of the client’s assets.

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Helicopter Training School 

As one of the Southern Hemisphere's largest operations with international contracts, Aeropower has the strength, the safety record, and the resources to help you gain your Private(PPL) or Commercial Helicopter Licence(CPL). Aeropower also provides Helicopter Commercial Theory Courses.

Our instructors all have extensive industry experience and are not hours building on your time. We have no landing fees at our home base and no air traffic delays. Aeropower’s own company engineers provide first rate engineering support onsite. We concentrate on getting you through your course without delays so that you can get out earning as a Commercial Helicopter Pilot.