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Bare hand and hot stick maintenance
Damper installation
Full Tension Joint (ohms) investigation
Insulator stem investigation
Insulator testing
Insulator washing
Spacer & repairs and replacement
ACSR corrosion detection
Inspections, reporting and analysing
Live patrols and reporting
Vegetation investigation
Conductor stringing
Insulator replacement
Marker ball installation
Optical fibre ground wire installation (OPGW)
Sling loading
Airborne personnel tower transfer
Asset mapping
Developing unique client requirements
Emergency resource transport
Laser conductor clearance validation

Welcome to Aeropower Electrical


Aeropower Pty Ltd is an Australian airborne electrical contractor with a Quality Management System certified to ISO 9001:2015, commencing operations in 1991 and dedicated to serving the electrical industry in airborne maintenance.

Aeropower specializes in a full range of electrical power industry services including patrol, inspection, construction, stringing, washing, performing live-line or de-energised maintenance repairs, and providing technical analysis and reporting on the condition of the client’s assets.

Since conception, Aeropower has been working with power companies throughout Australia, and internationally, to provide safer, more cost-effective methods of power line patrols, inspections and maintenance.

By using world best-practice airborne procedures Aeropower can help you minimise maintenance costs without jeopardising your electricity supply or power line assets.

In fact, we can demonstrate that airborne power line maintenance is more efficient, more flexible, more environmentally friendly and more cost effective than ground based systems.

And because most projects can be performed with lines energised, interruption of supply is minimised.  This means a more efficient and effective network.

Our clients include large Australian power transmission and distribution companies, as well as local power authorities. Internationally we have successfully conducted operations in Israel, South Africa, New Zealand and Asia.

Aeropower is an Airborne Electrical Contractor.  Our Head Office is based in Brisbane, with sub offices throughout Australia. 

Aeropower has in-house maintenance and training facilities enabling us to keep our staff and aircraft up-to-date with the latest methods and technology available.  This gives Aeropower the ability to have fully trained and experienced staff, linesmen, pilots, engineers, ground crew and technical support.  As well as using the MD500 which is one of the safest and reliable aerial platforms for providing live or de-energised line maintenance.

Our in-house culture is focused around providing the safest, most cost effective and productive airborne power line construction and maintenance system in the world. With ongoing improvements in development and training, this allows our clients to benefit from all our achievements made by our dedicated, professional team.

For further information on our services, or to request our response to your tender please contact us.